Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible actions, sustainable systems



Key Concern Areas:
  • Compensation and benefits; labour relations; labour rights; management of working hours; occupational safety and health; rationality of rules and regulations; and channels for expression of opinions.
Communication Channels:
  • Regular meetings between company management and employees
  • Internal emails
  • Internal notices
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Employees complaint box
  • Employees suggestion box

Key contact

Ms. Lily Lo, Senior Manager

Telephone+886-2- 2910-2626 Ext 333


Key Concern Areas:
  • Product quality; customer service; supply chain management; code of conduct performance; transparency and reliability of disclosed information.
Communication Channels:
  • Customer visits, emails and telecommunications
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Customer audit review
  • Regular meetings with customers
  • Participation in R&D meetings
  • Product Quality control

Key contact

Ms. Sophia Chang, Manager

Telephone+886-2-2910-2626 Ext 353


Key Concern Areas:
  • Business performance; market image; corporate governance.
Communication Channels:
  • Disclosing corporate information over the Market Observation Post System and Company's website
  • Annual general shareholders'meeting
  • Annual investors conference
  • Provision of email addresses and telephone numbers on Company's website for communication with investors
  • With spokesperson and functional body representation in litigation and non-litigation affairs to duly handle the proposals, concerns, and disputes raised by Shareholders

Key contact

Mr. Jeno Chang, Vice President

Telephone+886-2- 8911-3535 Ext 104

Business Partners (Suppliers)

Key Concern Areas:
  • Quality and price; supplier management; business integrity.
Communication Channels:
  • Procurement contracts; communications with suppliers
  • Emails and telecommunications
  • Supplier evaluation system
  • Complaints box

Key contact

Ms. Sophia Chang, Manager

Telephone+886-2-2910-2626 Ext 353

Environmental Protection

  • Compliance with international code requirements, such as RoHS, HF, WEEE, etc.
  • Green Supply Chain Management
  • We comply with the 3R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle); e.g. we use recycled wood particles in the manufacture of our wood cabinets
  • We have been a qualified Green Partner of SONY since 2010
  • We hold multiple environmental quality related certifications


Social Participation

Social Participation

EASTECH cooperates with Tatung University on specified research programs and EASTECH offers summer internships for their undergraduates to enable them to practice what they are studying. Both EASTECH and Tatung University mutually benefit from this cooperation.

Educational Support

With the increasing demand of preschool education for the children of the employees of EASTECH Group in Huiyang and also for children from peripheral areas in the district, a director of our Company's subsidiary has personally contributed since 2004 to establishment of a kindergarten in the area. Xiu De Chinese – Anglo Kindergarten (“Xiu De Kindergarten”), provides an excellent educational platform and since March 2011 it has been awarded recognition as a first-class kindergarten in HuiZhou City.

The children of the employees of EASTECH Group companies account for approximately 47% of the students of Xiu De Kindergarten. As part of the employees' benefits, EASTECH provides school fee subsidies as well as providing auxiliary support for the employees' children.

Social Community Services

Parallel to pursuing corporate success, EASTECH donates from time to time to specific charitable associations to give back to society in addition to our efforts in social welfare sponsorship.