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Announcement for the important resolutions of 2020 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting

Date   of the shareholders’ meeting

June   12, 2020

Important   resolutions (1) profit distribution/deficit compensation

Adopted   the Proposal for Distribution of 2019 Profits

Important   resolutions (2) amendments of the corporate charter

Approved   the amendments to the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of   Association of the Company

Important   resolutions (3) business report and financial statements

Adopted   the Business Report and Consolidated Financial Statements for financial year   2019

Important   resolutions (4) elections of board of directors and supervisors

Newly-elected   Directors

-          Eastech Electronics (Taiwan) Inc.

-          Pai Chin Chang

-          Chang Tung I

Newly-elected   Independent Directors:

-          Shiau Fung Shyung

-          Chang Shan Juh

-          Chen Ko Hung

-          Jeng Shih Rong

Important   resolutions (5) other proposals

(1)      Proposal on the amendments of the Company’s   Rules of Procedures for Shareholders’ Meeting:


(2)      Proposal on the release of the newly-elected   Directors and the Representative from non-competition restrictions:


Any   other matters that need to be specified