为了满足对顶级音质享受的高要求,我们自豪地提供“Designed by Scan-Speak”这一系列的喇叭单体。 这是由我们丹麦和中国的专业工程师团队协同合作而成的明星产品。

Full Range


  • 3", Steel Frame 
  • 0.8" CCAW  Voice Coil, Al Former
  • Damped Glass Fiber Cone, Rubber Surround
  • Strong Ferrite Magnet Motor  System, Pole Piece Vent
  • Wide Frequency Range, Whizzer Cone
  • Extended Copper Cap on the Pole Piece, Low Distortion (<3%)


  • 3.25",Steel Frame
  • 0.8" CCAW Voice Coil,Til Former
  • Glass Fiber Cone,Rubber Surround,Long Excursion(±3.9mm)
  • Strong Ferrite Magnet Motor System,Pole Piece Vent
  • Wide Frequency Range
  • Extended Copper Cap on Pole Piece,Low Distortion(<3%)



  • 3", Plastic Frame
  • 0.8" PESVW Voice Coil, Al Former
  • Coated Paper Cone, Rubber Surround
  • Ferrite Magnet Motor System, With Cancelling Neodymium Magnet on pole
  • Wide Frequency Range
  • Extended Copper Cap on Pole Piece, Low Distortion(<3%)


  • 2.5", Steel Frame
  • 0.8" CCAW Voice Coil, Al Former
  • Paper Cone, Rubber Surround
  • Dual Neodymium Magnet Motor System
  • Wide Frequency Range