Our Transducers Catalog

Our heritage of audio expertise and our ability to integrate acoustics with the modern world of IoT devices have helped us become a leader in transducer production. Our transducers are divided into three levels for systems, headphone transducers, and a range of acoustic modules.


Standard Design Transducers


Designed by Scan-Speak


Handmade in Denmark

Acoustic Modules

Standard Designs

Headphone Transducers

Wide Range of Headphone, Earphone Transducers


Our Portfolio

Creating cost-competitive world-class quality transducers is one of our main
specialities. The following models show some of our full range of transducers:

Transducer Design

Throughout our history we have built a reputation as a best-in-class producer of high
quality speaker transducers.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Acoustic Design

Transducer Design via Software

Our Engineers use COMSOL, FEMM and Loudsoft to fine-tune motors and diaphragm designs for the best performance.

Anechoic Chambers

Two full-space anechoic chambers with Soundcheck and LMS give our engineers the right tools to accurately measure drivers.

Acoustic Model and Tuning

COMSOL and 3D Finite Element Analysis simulate and optimize acoustic profiles and mechanical structural design.

Klippel System

Klippel systems perform non-linear, thermal and laser vibrometer characterizations of every driver design.