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Announcement for the change of the Company's English name from Eastern Technologies Holding Limited to Eastech Holding Limited

Date of occurrence of the eventJune 23, 2017
Company nameEastech Holding Limited.

Relationship to the Company (please enter ”head office” or   ”subsidiaries”)

head office

Reciprocal shareholding ratios


Cause of occurrence

(1) Date of registration approved / Date of occurrence of the event : 2017/06/23

(2) Date of resolution of shareholders meeting : 2017/06/08

(3) Company Name(Before) : Eastern Technologies Holding Limited

(4) Company Name(After Changed) : Eastech Holding Limited

(5) Symbol(Before) : KYET

(6) Symbol(After Changed) : EASTECH

Any other matters that need to be specified

(1) The proposal for the change of the Company''s English name was approved by 2017 Annual General Meeting on 8 June, 2017.  The change of registration approved by Cayman Islands on 14 June, 2017. 

The Company''s English name is changed from "Eastern Technologies Holding Limited" to "Eastech Holding Limited".

The Company''s English short form is changed from "KYET" to "EASTECH"

(2) There is no change on the Company''s Chinese name which is still "東科控股股份有限公司".

(3) There is no changed on the stock code and Chinese short form which are still "5225" and "東科-KY".

(4) The Company will inform all shareholders by TWSE''s Market Observation Post System in accordance with the law regarding the matters for change of the Company''s English name.

(5) The Company received the Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name from Cayman Islands on June 23, 2017.