SB01 - SoundBar
Acoustic Modules

SB01 - SoundBar

Bass attractive.
High S.P.L and Low distortion.
Functional, Teens, and Sharp.
Reasonable size to electronics Assembly.
Internal Volume
0.51 Liters
90.0 Hz
Rated Power
10 W
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This transducers module is designed to be a cost-effective high performance mono transducers module. The operation effective frequency response between 90Hz to 20KHz.

Module Properties
Rated power: 10 Watts (100hours,PINK,IEC FILTER)
S.P.L: 80 dB (1M/1W,IEC)
Distortion: ≤5%(Fs~15KHz,1M/1W)
Frequency Response: 90~20KHZ
Rub & Buzz test: 4.54 VSine wave at 3s.
Waterproof Level: N/A
Fire Rating: UL 94HB
Total Weight: 320 GramX2
Box Parameters
Box type: Closed Box
Standard one-way
Box Core Material: Plastic ABS (inner with bracing)
Amount of acoustic absorption(fill): 20% (minimal)
Shape: square
Finish: N/A
Internal Volume: 0.51 Liters
Transducers Parameters
Sensitivity: SPL 80 dB
Speaker drivers: Fullrange 1.5X3.5
Resonance frequency: fs 166 Hz
Total Q factor Qts 0.535
Force factor BL 3.081 TM
Nominal impedance Zn 8 ohm
Effective piston area Sd 20.89 sqcm
Rated power: 10W (IEC)

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